Black Bart - 1948 - George Sherman

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Black Bart - 1948 - George Sherman

Messagepar Cole Armin » 29 nov. 2010 20:24

Directed by George Sherman
Starring Yvonne De Carlo, Dan Duryea, Jeffrey Lynn, Percy Kilbride, Lloyd Gough, Frank Lovejoy, John McIntire

Black Bart is the George Sherman's first western in a cycle for Universal (after several movies for Columbia). It was at that studio, that he made some of his best films.

Black Bart is also the beginning of 5 movies in which Sherman directed Canadian actress Yvonne De Carlo. The actress's role is quite superficial, however offering her the opportunity to sing. Dan Dureya, for once, plays the leading role. Duryea doesn't show all his talent in a role that is quite smooth.

Despite an honest casting, the scenario remains unconvincing (with the last part of the film being too prompt).
From a technical standpoint, no gimmick, but a solid direction.

A film you'll like for his direction and his lavish Technicolor.
The trio De Carlo-Duryea-Sherman would be reunited again the same year, in the better River Lady.



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