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Riding shotgun - 1954 - André De Toth

Posté : 03 mai 2010 7:26
par Cole Armin
Directed by André De Toth
Starring Randolph Scott, Wayne Morris, Joan Weldon, Joe Sawyer, James Millican, Charles Bronson, James Bell

Riding Shotgun has a pretty compelling screenplay (at least one notch above the average Randolph Scott) in response to High Noon. The original story comes from Kenneth Perkins, author of the story that was used for Tumbleweed 1953 with a plot somewhat similar.

The photography is quite successful for a B movie with beautiful exterior shots. It must be said that the cinematographer Bert Glennon was also behind the camera on Stagecoach 1939, They died with their Boots On 1941.

In supporting roles, there is James Millican (whom Randy had met in Carson City), a young Charles Bronson in his first Western Wayne Morris and friendly.
The action lacks a bit during the first and the last part of the film.


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