The Black Whip - 1956 - Charles Marquis Warren

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The Black Whip - 1956 - Charles Marquis Warren

Messagepar Cole Armin » 28 avr. 2010 19:02


Directed by Charles Marquis Warren
Starring Hugh Marlowe, Coleen Gray, Adele Mara, Angie Dickinson, Richard Gilden, Paul Richards, John Pickard, Dorothy Schuyler, Charles H. Gray, Sheb Wooley, Strother Martin

This B Western is quite interesting. The direction by Charles Marquis Warren is enlightened.
The film begins with the escape of a prisoner with the complicity of a woman. This woman is potentially one of the 4 saloon girls including Coleen Gray and Angie Dickinson. The answer is actually revealed at the end of the film. The villain is played by Paul Richards with his "Black Whip".

A short B film, above the average. The Black Whip was one of the first "Regalscope" film, a label for 20th Century Fox's B movies shot in widescreen (films who were not entitled to the luxury of Cinemascope) and generally in black and white.



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