The Valley of Gwangi - 1969 - Jim O'Connolly

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The Valley of Gwangi - 1969 - Jim O'Connolly

Messagepar Cole Armin » 22 févr. 2010 7:50

Directed by Jim O'Connolly
Starring James Franciscus, Gila Golan, Richard Carlson, Laurence Naismith, Freda Jackson


The Valley of Gwangi is a crossover of Western and Fantasy film (Ray Harryhausen (The 7th as Voyage of Sinbad)).
The two main actors lack of charisma. The real star of the film are Ray Harryhausen's creatures who appear after an uninteresting first act introducing the characters.
Dinosaurs and other are very credible with convincing special effects (at the time) and ingenious sound effects.
A production that doesn't reach the greatest successes of Harryhausen such as The 7th Voyage of Sinbad.


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