Star in the dust - 1956 - Charles F. Haas

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Star in the dust - 1956 - Charles F. Haas

Messagepar Cole Armin » 18 janv. 2010 7:56



Directed by Charles F. Haas
Starring John Agar (Sheriff Bill Jorden), Mamie Van Doren (Ellen Ballard), Richard Boone (Sam Hall), Coleen Gray (Nellie Mason), Leif Erickson (George Ballard).

Very good B psychological western based on a strong screenplay.
The film shares similarities with Rio Bravo released 3 years later with a lone sheriff who must keep a prisoner with the help of "broken arms". The film seems to have been influenced by High Noon 1952 with shots of clock. Elements of the plot would be included in The Young Land in 1959.
John Agar leads the film with to his side a good cast of actors: Leif Erickson, a ruthless Richard Boone and a trio of memorable cowgirls Randy Stuart, Coleen Gray and Mamie Van Doren. The usual supporting cast do a good job : Paul Fix, Harry Morgan, James Gleason, ... Clint Eastwood also makes a brief appearance.
The film may seem slow, but a genuine climate settles with an appropriate guitar tune in the background.


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