Roy Rogers - Film Production Numbers (1938-1951)

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Roy Rogers - Film Production Numbers (1938-1951)

Messagepar Little One » 11 mai 2020 2:03

I completed another list of film production numbers (the numbers that appear in the bottom corner of a film still and identify the correct film), this one for Roy Roger's 81 starring B-Westerns.

Under Western Stars (704)
Billy the Kid Returns (R1)
Come On Rangers (R2)
Shine On Harvest Moon (R3)
Rough Riders Roundup (R4)
Southward Ho! (R6)
Frontier Pony Express (R7)
In Old Caliente (R8)
Wall Street Cowboy (R9)
The Arizona Kid (921)
Saga of Death Valley (922)
Days of Jesse James (923)
Young Buffalo Bill (924)
In Old Cheyenne (925)
The Carson City Kid (926)
The Ranger and the Lady (927)
Colorado (928)
The Border Legion [aka "West of the Badlands"] (1021)
Young Bill Hickok (1022)
Robin Hood of the Pecos (1023)
Badman of Deadwood (1024)
Sheriff of Tombstone (1025)
Nevada City (1026)
Jesse James at Bay (1121)
Red River Valley (1122)
Man from Cheyenne (1123)
South of Santa Fe (1124)
Sunset on the Desert (1125)
Romance on the Range (1126)
Sons of the Pioneers (1127)
Sunset Serenade (1128)
Heart of the Golden West (1129)
King of the Cowboys (1204)
Ridin' Down the Canyon (1221)
Idaho (1222)
Song of Texas (1223)
Silver Spurs (1224)
Man from Music Mountain (1226)
Hands Across the Border (1227)
The Cowboy and the Señorita (1321)
Yellow Rose of Texas (1322)
Song of Nevada (1323)
Bells of Rosarita (1324)
San Fernando Valley (1325)
Lights of Old Santa Fe (1326)
Don't Fence Me In (1327)
Man from Oklahoma (1328)
Utah (1329)
Sunset in El Dorado (1421)
Song of Arizona (1422)
Along the Navajo Trail (1425)
My Pal Trigger (1427)
Rainbow Over Texas (1428)
Under Nevada Skies (1429)
Home in Oklahoma (1520)
Roll On Texas Moon (1523)
Heldorado (1524)
Bells of San Angelo (1525)
Apache Rose (1526)
On the Old Spanish Trail (1527)
The Gay Ranchero (1528)
Springtime in the Sierras (1529)
Under California Stars (1621)
Eyes of Texas (1623)
Nighttime in Nevada (1624)
Grand Canyon Trail (1625)
The Far Frontier (1626)
Susanna Pass (1627)
Down Dakota Way (1628)
Bells of Coronado (1629)
The Golden Stallion (1830)
Twilight in the Sierras (1831)
Sunset in the West (1832)
Trigger Jr. (1834)
Trail of Robin Hood (1835)
North of the Great Divide (1836)
Heart of the Rockies (1837)
Spoilers of the Plains (1838)
In Old Amarillo (1839)
South of Caliente (1840)
Pals of the Golden West (1841)

This photo is from "Eyes of Texas" (1623). I have included the full photo, a closeup of the movie production number, and a link to the film itself (footage that the film photo portrays is at 42:24).

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Re: Roy Rogers - Film Production Numbers (1938-1951)

Messagepar eddyj » 28 juin 2020 19:13

En France peu ou pas de film de Roy Rogers c'est dommage mais peut etre un jour...très bon acteur et musicien chanteur qu'il ne faut pas négliger.

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