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Les Westerns des Années 20 en posters

Posté : 09 nov. 2011 16:46
par metek

The Gun Runners (C.B.C. Film Sales, 1920)

Before the White Man Came (Arrow Film, 1920)

Forbidden Trails (Fox, 1920)

The Branding Iron (Goldwyn, 1920)

Prairie Trails (William Fox, 1920)

The Sagebrusher (W. W. Hodkinson Corporation, 1920)

William S. Hart Stock Poster (United Artists, 1920)

Jesse James (Swain Brothers, 1920s)

The Night Rider (Unknown, R-1920s)


The Heart of the North (C.B.C. Film Sales, 1921)

Raiders of the North (Universal, 1921)

The Sheriff of Hope Eternal (Arrow Film, 1921)

Tangled Trails (William Steiner, 1921)

A Ridin' Romeo (Fox, 1921)

Penny of Top Hill Trail (Federated Film Exchanges of America, 1921)

The Big Punch (Fox Film Corporation, 1921


Big Stakes (Clifford S. Elfelt, 1922)

Iron To Gold (Fox, 1922)

The Bear Cat (Universal, 1922)

The Trail of Hate (Di Lorenzo, 1922)

The Crusader (Fox, 1922)

For Big Stakes (Fox, 1922)

Tracked to Earth (Universal Film Manufacturing Company, 1922)

Chasing the Moon (Fox, 1922)

Just Tony (Fox, 1922)


The Red Warning (Universal, 1923)

The Covered Wagon (Paramount, 1923)

Spawn of the Desert (Arrow Film, 1923)

It Happened Out West (W.M. Smith Productions, 1923)


The Night Hawk (Hodkinson Pictures, 1924)

The Heart Buster (Fox, 1924)

The Passing of Wolf MacLean (Usla, 1924)

The Last of the Duanes (Fox, 1924)

Wanderer of the Wasteland (Paramount, 1924)

A Debtor to the Law (Pan American, 1924)

Sawdust Trail (Universal, 1924)

Debtor to the Law, A (Pan American, 1924)


Just Travelin' (Sierra Pictures, 1925)

Tumbleweeds (United Artists, 1925)

Double Fisted (Rayart Pictures, 1925)

The Man from Red Gulch (Producers Distributing Corp., 1925)

White Thunder (FBO, 1925)

Taming of the West (Universal, 1925)

Tumbleweeds (United Artists, 1925)

The Lucky Horseshoe (Fox, 1925)

Durand of the Bad Lands (Fox, 1925)

Best Bad Man, The (Fox, 1925)


King of the Saddle (Associated Exhibitors, 1926)

The Flaming Frontier (Universal, 1926)

Blue Streak O'Neil (Bud Barsky, 1926)

The Ranch of Hoodoos (Fred J. Balshofer, 1926)

With General Custer at the Little Big Horn (Aywon Film, 1926)

West of Broadway (Producers Distributing Corp., 1926)

The Tough Guy (FBO, 1926)


Blood Will Tell (Fox, 1927)

Tom's Gang (FBO, 1927)

The Interferin' Gent (Pathé, 1927)

Bulldog Pluck (FBO, 1927)

The Phantom Buster (Pathé, 1927)


Re: Les Western des Annees 20 en Poster

Posté : 09 nov. 2011 20:04
par U.S. Marshal Cahill
c'est de la folie Metek ! :D :applaudis_6: :beer1:

Re: Les Westerns des Années 20 en posters

Posté : 10 nov. 2011 1:29
par metek
Merci, de vrais oeuvres d'art ces affiches la, pas comme aujourdhui!! :beer1:

Re: Les Westerns des Années 20 en posters

Posté : 10 nov. 2011 12:00
par Sitting Bull
Impressionnant !!! :applaudis_6:

Re: Les Westerns des Années 20 en posters

Posté : 07 août 2013 17:21
par Bournazel
C'est magnifique !

Re: Les Westerns des Années 20 en posters

Posté : 08 août 2013 4:46
par lerebelle
Il n 'y a pas de mot. R :applaudis_6: :applaudis_6: :applaudis_6: :applaudis_6: