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Messagepar Jicarilla » 19 déc. 2009 19:05


JACK ELAM n’aura pas beaucoup de chance avec sa série elle ne dura qu’une saison en 1963 et comportera 20 épisodes de 30 minutes.
Un Marshall et ses 3 adjoints nous entrainent dans les Badlands sur le territoire du Dakota pour maintenir la paix.

:sm32: Pour chez nous la série est inconnue…..


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Re: THE DAKOTAS Une série

Messagepar U.S. Marshal Cahill » 13 nov. 2016 14:53

en VO

spin-off of de la série Cheyenne.

The series follows the efforts of U.S. Marshal Frank Ragan (Larry Ward) and his three deputies, J. D.Smith (Jack Elam), Vance Porter (Mike Greene), and Del Stark (Chad Everett). All four characters initially appeared in a pilot April 1962 episode of Cheyenne entitled "A Man Called Ragan" - included in this set. However,the character of Cheyenne Bodie never appears in this episode.

Les épisodes :

Pilot Episode from Cheyenne: A Man Called Regan (Arch Johnson,Lee Van Cleef,Jeanne Cooper)
Ep 1: Return to Dryrock (Rex Holman,Edward Binns)
When J.D. Smith was a gunfighter, he was run out of town and only one friend stood up for him. Now that friend has been murdered, and J.D. is going to find who killed him and why
Ep 2: Red Sky Over Bismarck (Andrew Duggan,Constance Ford)
A woman whose son is part Indian asks Marshal Ragan for help because she's afraid of the local authorities.
Ep 3: Mutiny at Fort Mercy (Russel Johnson,Jeanne Cooper)
Deputies Stark and Porter return Davids, an escaped prisoner, to Ft. Mercy which is commanded by the tyrannical Capt. Ridgeway. When the other prisoners riot, Stark is taken hostage and subjected to a life-threatening ordeal.
Ep 4: Trouble at French Creek (Michael Constantine,Mercedes McCambridge)
A female mine owner drives her workers so hard that they finally walk out. Furious, she hires a band of vicious gunfighters to keep the miners under control. Marshal Ragan is called in to set matters straight.
Ep 5: Thunder in Pleasant Valley (Lee Van Cleef)
A wealthy rancher's daughter is kidnapped by an outlaw gang, and Marshal Ragan tries to stop him from paying the ransom while his deputies search for the kidnappers.
Ep 6: Crisis at High Banjo (Michael Pate, Warren Stevens)
Several years ago Marshal Ragan's wife was murdered, and he never caught the killer. Now he has--a man named Johnny Fox, who admits to Ragan that he was paid to kill her. Ragan is torn between his desire for vengeance for his wife's murder and his wanting to know who paid to have her killed and why.
Ep 7: Requiem at Dancer's Hill (Dennis Hopper)
Marshal Ragan and his deputies go after the leader of a posse that captured a wanted man, but instead of turning him over to the authorities, they hanged him on the spot.
Ep 8: Fargo25 (Richard Jaekel,Diane Brewster)
Deputy J.D. Smith runs up against a local sheriff who runs his small town like a medieval kingdom, ruling with an iron hand and demanding obedience and tribute from his "subjects".
Ep 9: Incident at Rapid City (Bert Freed,William Fawcett)
A cavalry unit tells Deputy Stark that rancher Lloyd Mitchell has sold them spoiled food and some of the troops were poisoned, and demands that Stark turn Mitchell over to them. Stark suspects that not everything is as it seems, however, and begins to believe that the "cavalry" unit may not be quite what they appear to be, either.
Ep 10: Justice at Eagle's Nest (Joanna Moore,Everett Sloan)
A conflict is brewing in Eagle's Nest between farmers and cattlemen. The farmers bring in Judge Daniel Harvey to "enforce" the law, which outrages the cattlemen. Marshal Ragan, believing that the judge's methods will result in a range war, decides to look a bit deeper into the judge's past history.
Ep 11: Walk Through the Badlands (Lane Bradford,Strother Martin)
Story of Marshal Ragan & his deputies, a group of outlaws,some calvalry men all meet together in the wilderness. Who's chasing who?
Ep 12: Trial at Grand Forks (Werner Klemperor)
A visiting German countess is tried and sentenced to death in Grand Forks for the murder of her husband. Marshal Ragan finds it odd that she refused to defend herself at the trial and decides to find out why, but he has to hurry--there's not much time left before her execution
Ep 13: Reformation at Big Nose Butte (Deforest Kelley, Telly Savalas,Sue Randall)
Deputy J.D. Smith is contacted by the leader of the outlaw gang he used to belong to. It seems that the man is now out of prison and is going to start the gang again, and wants J.D. to join up with him.
Ep 14: One Day in Vermillion (Whit Bissell)
Marshal Ragan escorts a Sioux chief to Vermillion to sign a peace treaty, but he doesn't know that peace isn't what the signers of the "treaty" want.
Ep 15: Terror at Heart River (Royal Dano)
The town of Heart River is overjoyed to hear that the railroad is coming through town. However, what really happened is that the railroad has abandoned its workers, stranding them with neither money nor food. When the workers come into town looking for help, the townspeople are in no mood to welcome them, and it looks like trouble is about to erupt.
Ep 16: The Chooser of the Slain (Beverley Garland,Claude Akins)
Deputies Stark and Porter are forced to kill a man in self-defense, but no one believes them. Marshal Ragan has to find the only witness to the shooting who can clear the two, otherwise they'll be hanged for murder.
Ep 17: Feud at Snake River (Don Keefer,Roger Mobley)
Brothers Simon and George Deus decide to become wealthy entrepreneurs and go into business together. However, when Simon starts running farmers off their land so he can take it, George opposes him and trouble brews. Marshal Ragan tries to rally the farmers behind George and against Simon.
Ep 18: Sanctuary at Crystal Springs (Les Tremayne)
Deputies Del Stark and J.D. Smith are forced to shoot and kill the Barton brothers as they attempt to take over a church and hold the pastor hostage. A surviving Barton brother threatens to kill the preacher if Del and J.D. don't surrender themselves to him.
Ep 19: A Nice Girl from Goliath (Audrey Dalton,Elisha Cook Jr)
A girl's false testimony during a murder trial sent an innocent man to the gallows. Now she learns that the man's brother is coming after her, and she asks Del to protect her.
(source Amazon)

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