Bonanza saison 1 (pour s'y retrouver, besoin d'aide)

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Bonanza saison 1 (pour s'y retrouver, besoin d'aide)

Messagepar Personne » 11 mars 2006 17:51

Voici le guide des épisodes de la saison 1 en Anglais, mais comme j'ai les titres en Français, je n'arrive pas à tous les retrouver.

Si vous pouvez m'aider! :D Merci d'avance.

1. A Rose for Lotta 9/12/59

Written by David Dortort
Directed by Edward Ludwig
Pilot EpisodeLotta Crabtree is hired by mining tycoon Alpheus Troy to
lure one of the Cartwrights into town, to be held for ranson in exchange for
Ponderosa Timber rights.
Guest Stars Yvonne DeCarlo

2. Death on Sun Mountain 9/19/59

Written by Gene L. Coon & David Dortort
Directed by
Ben discovers Mark Burdette and Early Thorne selling antelope meat
to the miners and finds the price too high. He offers the miners beef at
a more reasonable price. Burdette and Thorne retaliate by framing the Indians
for attacks on the miners by dressing like Paiutes
Lorne Greene's first voice-over.
Guest Stars Barry Sullivan

3. The Newcomers 9/26/59 L'Or et l'Amour
Written by Thomas Thompson
Directed by Christian Nyby
Ben discovers hydraulic miners camped on the ranch and has Hoss escort
them off. In the process Hoss falls in love with the sister of one of the men,
not realizing she is terminally ill.
Guest Stars Inger Stevens

4. The Paiute War 10/3/59
Written by Gene L. Coon
Directed by Paul Landres
The Pauites are falsely accused of attacks and the militia is summoned.
Adam is taken hostage by the Pauites
Guest Stars Jack Warden, Anthony Caruso

5. Enter Mark Twain 10/10/59 Mark Twain
Written by Harold Shumate
Directed by Phil Landres
Virginia City is visited by Samuel Clemens who writes editorials for the
Territorial Enterprise. One of his first subjects is a politician who is trying to
steal the Ponderosa.
Guest Stars Howard Duff, Dorothy Green

6. The Julia Bulette Story 10/17/59 Les histoires de Julia Written by Al C. Ward
Directed by Christian Nyby
Little Joe falls in love with Julia Bulette, a saloon owner with a reputation.
That and the fact that she is much older than Joe, puts him and his father
at odds.
Guest Stars Jane Greer

7. The Saga of Annie O'Toole 10/24/59 La Concession Written by Thomas Thompson
Directed by Joseph Kane
Annie O'Toole comes to Washoe Diggings with a claim to a mine filed
by her beau Swede Lundberg. Swede had two claims and sold one to
an old acquiantance of theirs named Gregory Spain. There is some
confusion over which claim is hers. A decision must be made in a
Miners Court, presided over by Ben Cartwright
Guest Stars Ida Lupino, Alan Hale

8. The Philip Deideshiemer Story Les Dangers de la Mine
Written by Thomas Thompson
Directed by Joseph Kane
Guest Stars R.G. Armstrong, Mala Powers
Philip Diedeshiemer works with Adam to create a timbering system called
'square set' to prevent mine cave-ins
Guest Stars Ida Lupino, Alan Hale

9. Mr. Henry P.T. Comstock 11/7/59 Monsieur Henry Comstock Written by David Dortort
Directed by John Brahm
Jack Carson stars as Mr. Comstock who claims ownership in a major
goldstrike. The discovery of the Comstock lode created Virginia City
Little Joe asks for trouble by courting the daughter of Chief Winnemuca.
Guest Stars Jack Carson

10. The Magnificent Adah 11/14/59 Aimé et amante
Written by Donald S. Sanford
Directed by Christian Nyby
Actress Adah Issacs Mencken visits Virginia City and is followed by an old
boyfriend John Regan. She is an old friend of Ben's and he stays close by
to try to offer her protection. Ben's sons are convinced she's bad news and
try dissuade thier father from seeing her.
Guest Stars Ruth Roman

11. The Truckee Strip 11/21/59 Deux Familles Ennemies Written by Herman Groves
Directed by Christian Nyby
The Cartwrights are embroiled in a feud with their neighbors the Bishops, but
Joe and Amy Bishop want no part of the feud and only have eyes for each
other and want to get married.
Guest Stars James Coburn

12. The Hangin Posse 11/28/59 Course à la Potence Written by Carey Wilbur
Directed by Christian Nyby
Joe and Adam join a posse to help a friend whose wife has been murdered
but soon discover their friend has no intention of bringing in the men alive.
Fearing the outcome, the brothers seperate from the posse to try to find the
men before the posse catches up with them.
Guest Stars Arthur Hunnicutt, Onslow Stevens

13. Vendetta 12/5/59 (Titre Français identique)
Written by Robert E. Thompson
Directed by Joseph Kane
Virginia City residents leave Ben and Hoss to deal with an outlaw gang with
only the help of the town drunk and a Doctor who has no experience with
this kind of conflict
Guest Stars Mort Mills

14. The Sisters 12/12/59
Written by Carey Wilbur
Adam is courting Sue Ellen Terry, a woman well known by the menfolk
in Virginia City. He dismisses his father's concerns and continues the
relationship despite continuing problems. When Sue Ellen is killed Adam
becomes the number one suspect.
Guest Stars Fay Spain, Buddy Ebsen

15. The Last Hunt 12/19/59 La dernière Chasse Written by Donald S. Sanford
Directed by Christian Nyby
A sad story about an Indian woman who is brought home by Joe and Hoss
after they discover her alone and about to have a baby. After the baby is
born they find he has blue eyes. The Shoshone chief, her father, and the
baby's father, a white man, have been looking for her
Guest Stars Chana Eden, Steven Terrell

16. El Tore Grande 1/2/60 Le Grand Rouge Written by John Tucker Battle
Directed by Christian Nyby
Hoss and Joe travel to Monterey carrying a large amount of cash
for the purchase of a prize bull. Along the way they have to deal with
bandits, a duel, a boy who runs away with the bull, a love struck young
woman who stows away in the Cartwrights wagon, and hungry Indians.
Guest Stars Barbara Luna and Ricardo Cortez

17. The Outcast 1/9/60 Les Hors la loi
Written by Thomas Thompson
Directed by Lewis Allen
After her father and brother are hanged for murder, Leta Malvet finds
herself an outcast among the townspeople. She turns to her only friend
Clay Renton, a former bank robber, and his presence has the Cartwrights nervous.
Guest Stars Jack Lord, Susan Oliver

18. House Divided 1/16/60 Les uns contre les autres Written by Al C. Ward
Directed by Lewis Allen
When Frederick Kyle comes to town seeking support for his cause,
the Confederacy his friendship with Little Joe creates problems in the
Cartwright home, and in Virginia City
Guest Stars Cameron Mitchell, Stacey Mitchell

19. The Gunmen 1/23/60
Written by W. Carey Wilbur
Directed by Christian Nyby
Mistaken for the Slade brothers, Joe and Hoss are arrested in Texas
The Slade brothers were involved in a feud between two familes and
a member of one of the families breaks Joe and Hoss out of jail. Joe
and Hoss seek the help of the womanfolk of the families to restore peace.
Guest Stars Henry Hull, Ellen Corby

20 The Fear Merchants 1/30/60 Le Chinois Written by Fred Unger, Thomas Thompson
Directed by Lewis Allen
Andrew Fulmer, a man who hates the Chinese people, is running for
mayor. One Fulmer's men harasses Sally Ridley and Jimmy Chong
tries to protect her. The man tells her father it was Jimmy harassing her
and when Ridley pulls his gun his daughter is accidently shoot and killed.
Ridley lies and accuses Jimmy of the murder and the result is a lynch
Guest Stars Gene Evans and Buddy Lee

21. The Spanish Grant 2/6/60 Une Grande Dame
Written by David Dortort, Leonard Heideman
Directed by Christian Nyby
Rosita Morales poses as heiress Isabella Marie Inez de la Cuesta, to
try to get her hands on a land grant which includes part of the
Ponderosa. Ben is supsicious and with the help of his sons, tries to
locate someone who can idenify the real heiress.
Guest Stars Patricia Medina, Sebastian Cabot

22. Blood on the Land 2/13/60 Prairie Sanglante
Written by Robert E. Thompson
Directed by Felix Feist
Sheepherder Jeb Drummond is passing through the Ponderosa, when
he decides to stay where he is. He resists all Ben's attempts to throw
him off the land and finally resorts to taking Adam prisoner in exchange
for ownership of the ranch
Guest Stars Everett Sloane

23. Desert Justice 2/20/60 La justice du Désert Written by Donald S. Sanford
Directed by Lewis Allen
One of Ben's ranch hands, Dave Walker is accused of murdering the
wife of Marshall Dowd. After the Cartwrights discover that Dave was
beaten while in jail, they decide to accompany him to Los Angeles
where his trial it to be held.
Guest Stars Claude Akins, Wesley Lau

24. The Stranger 2/27/60 L'étranger
Written by Leonard Heidieman, Oliver Crawford
Directed by Christian Nyby
Ben is running for Governor of Nevada, when Charles Leduque shows
up in Virginia City to take Ben to New Orleans to face charges of murder
that he ran from some twenty years before. Ben agrees to go with him
after explaining to his sons why he ran. After hearing tha this mother
was paying off a blackmailer, Joe goes to town to handle things his own
Guest Stars Lloyd Nolan

25 Escape to the Ponderosa 3/5/60 Refuge à Ponderosa
Written by Robert E. Thompson, Bill Barrett
Directed by Charles F. Haas
Adam is bushwhacked by escaped convicts and Ben joins Army Captain
Bolton who is searching for the convicts.
Guest Stars Joe Maross, Grant Williams

26. The Avenger 3/19/60 La Dernière Chance
Written by Clair Huffaker
Directed by Christian Nyby
Adam and Ben are about to be hanged for murder, and Hoss and Joe are
desperately to get someone to help prove their innocence. A young man
named Lassiter comes to town and joins their crusade withou texplanation.
Guest Stars Vic Morrow, Jean Allison

27. The Last Trophy 3/26/60 Le Dernier Trophée
Written by
Directed by
Some friends of Ben's come to the Ponderosa, Lord Marion Dunsford
and Lady Beatrice Dunsford. Lady Beatrice has considered him a coward
since her husband lost his nerve, and decides she needs a " real man".
After watching him, she decides that Adam is that man.
Guest Stars Hazel Court, Edward Ashley

28. San Francisco Holiday 4/2/60 Les Mystères de San Francisco Written by Thomas Thompson
Directed by Arhur Lubin
Ben, Hoss and Joe are in San Francisco on vacation with some of their
hands when the hands turn up missing. While searching for them, Ben
finds himself shanghighed and detined for Hong Kong.
Guest Stars Robert Nichols

29. Bitter Water 4/9/60 L'Eau Amère
Written by Harold Jack Bloom.
Directed by D: George Blair.
When miner Lem Keith wants to buy land next to the Ponderosa, he
approaches the owners son, knowing the owner Andy McKaren will never
sell to him. He manages to turn the son, Todd against theCartwrights,
which isn't difficult as Todd is in love with Keith's daughter. To further his
plan, Keith plants tick infested cattle in the with the Cartwright's herd.
Guest Stars Don Dubbins, Merry Anders

30 Feet of Clay 4/16/60 Billy le petit orphelin
Written by John Furia Jr.
Directed by Arhur Lubin
When a boy named Billy Allen loses his mother, the Cartwrights take him
home until relatives can be reached. But Billy is waiting for his father, a
prisoner who breaks out of jail. Hoss becomes great friends with Billy
who doens't know his father is a criminal. His father commits a robbery
and murder and Hoss, in attempt to bring him in, is forced to kill him in
Guest Stars Logan Field, David Ladd

31 Dark Star 4/23/60
Written by Anthony Lawrence.
Directed by Lewis Allen.
A gypsy girl named Tirza comes to stay at the Ponderosa after she is
disowned by her people because they believe her to be a witch. Joe falls
in love with her and tries to show her that her people are wrong.
Guest Stars Hugo Haas, Susan Harrison

32. Death at Dawn 4/30/60 Mort à l'aube
Written by Laurence Mascott
Directed by Charles F. Haas
A store owner is murdered and his wife is a witness, but she won't testify
because the killer is member of a gang that has been terrorizing citizens
and taking over the town. When the killer, Perkins, is sentenced to hang,
the leader of the gang, Sam Bryant, kidnaps Ben. He offers a deal Ben's life
for the release of Perkins, and now Ben's son's must make a tough decision.
Guest Stars Nancy Deale
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bonanza saison 1 (besoin d'aide pour s'y retrouver)

Messagepar Tim » 11 mars 2006 20:14


1° Saison (1959-1960)

06. Les histoires de Julia
08. The Philip Diedehiemer story
11. Deux familles ennemies
15. La dernière chasse
16. Le grand rouge
17. Les hors-la-loi
18. Les uns contre les autres
20. Le chinois
21. Une grande dame
26. La dernière chance
27. Le dernier trophée
30. Billy le petit orphelin
32. Mort à l'aube

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Messagepar Personne » 11 mars 2006 20:22

Merci Tim! :wink:

J'ai trouvé quelques pistes sur ce forum également :

Enter Mark Twain = Le sauvage

The Saga of Annie O'Toole = La concession

The Philip Diedesheimer story = Les dangers de la mine

Mr Henry Comstock = Mr Henry Comstock

Adah the magnificent = Adah la magnifique

The truckee strip = Deux familles ennemies

A House divided = Les uns contre les autres

The Savage = La sauvage

The Spanish Grant = Une grande dame

The last trophy = Le dernier trophée

Denver Mc Kee = Le voisin

The wooing of Abigaïl Jones = a la conquête d'Abigaïl Jones

Death at dawn = Mort Ã* l'aube, amitiés

Blood in land = La prairie sanglante

The Bride = L'épouse de Papa

The hopefuls = Terre promise

The lady of Baltimore = La dame de Baltimore

Elizabeth, my love = Elisabeth, mon amour

The Ape = Au bord de la rivière Tahoe

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Messagepar L'étranger... » 11 mars 2006 20:29

24. The Stranger 2/27/60 L'étranger

Mon épisode préféré de tous les temps ! :shock:

...Et ne me demandez pas pourquoi ! :lol: :lol:
Je suis le plus beau, le plus fort, le plus intelligent, dixit Carcasse... et vous savez quoi ? Il a raison !

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Messagepar nathan » 11 mars 2006 21:50

Bonne initiative ! :applaudis_6:
Par contre Equidia est passée à la saison 2 sans avoir terminer la saison 1 (24 épisodes diffusés au lieu de 32) :?: :?:

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Messagepar Personne » 11 mars 2006 22:26

Ils ont zappés les premiers épisodes en +! :(

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bonanza saison 1 (besoin d'aide pour s'y retrouver)

Messagepar Tim » 12 mars 2006 0:10

Bonanza la suite..........

2° Saison (1960-1961)

33. La revanche
34. La mission
35. Badge without honor
36. Le moulin
37. La terre promise
38. Le voisin
39. Day of reckoning
40. L'enlèvement
41. La chasse aux loups
42. The last viking
43. La brebis galeuse
44. Le sauvage
45. Silent thunder
46. The ape
47. La querelle
48. Une si jolie veuve
49. The spitfire
50. L'épouse de papa
51. The fugitive
52. Vengeance
53. Le percepteur de l'Ouest
54. L'embuscade
55. The dark gate
56. The Duke
57. Cut-throat junction
58. The gift
59. The rival
60. The infernal machine
61. Thunderhead swindle
62. The secret
63. The dream rider
64. Elizabeth mon amour
65. Sam Hill

3° Saison (1961-1962)

66. The smiler
67. Springtime
68. The honor of Cochise
69. The lonely house
70. The Burma rarity
71. Broken ballad
72. The many faces of Gideon Flinch
73. L'amitié
74. La comtesse
75. The horse breakers
76. Day of the dragon
77. The frenchman
78. The tin badge
79. Gabrielle
80. Land Grab
81. The tall stranger
82. La dame de Baltimore
83. The ride
84. L'orage
85. The old sod
86. Gift of water
87. The jacknife
88. The guilty
89. The wooing of Abigail Jones
90. The law maker
91. Look to the stars
92. The gamble
93. Crucible
94. Inger my love
95. Blessed are they
96. The dowry
97. The long night
98. The mountain girl
99. The miracle worker

4° Saison (1962-1963)

100. The first born
101. The quest
102. The artist
103. A hot day for hanging
104. The deserter
105. Sur la piste de San Francisco
106. The war comes to Washoe
107. Knight errant
108. The beginning
109. The deadly one
110. Gallagher son
111. The decision
112. Le bon samaritain
113. The jury
114. Le colonel
115. Song in the dark
116. Elegy for a hangman
117. Half a rogue
118. The last haircut
119. Marie my love
120. The hayburner
121. The actress
122. A stranger passed this way
123. The way of aaron
124. A woman lost
125. Any friend of Walter's
126. Mirror in a man
127. My brother's keeper
128. Five into the wind
129. The saga of Whizzer McGee
130. The thunder man
131. Rich man, poor man
132. The boss
133. Little Man... Ten feet tall

5° Saison (1963-1964)

134. She walks in beauty
135. A passion for justice
136. Rain from heaven
137. Twilight town
138. The toy soldier
139. A question of strength
140. Calamity over Comstock
141. Journey remembered
142. The quality of mercy
143. The waiting game
144. The legacy
145. Hoss and the leprechaun
146. The prime of life
147. The Lila Conrad story
148. Ponderosa Matador
149. My son, my son
150. Double Joe
151. The gentleman from New Orleans
152. The cheating game
153. Bullet for a bride
154. King of the mountain
155. Love me not
156. The pure truth
157. No less a man
158. Return to honor
159. The saga of Muley Jones
160. The roper
161. Ponk cloud comes from old Cathay
162. The companeros
163. Enter Thomas Bowers
164. The dark past
165. The pressure game
166. Triangle
167. Walter and the outlaws

6° Saison (1964-1965)

168. Invention of a gunfighter
169. The hostage
170. The wild one
171. Thanks for everything, friend
172. Logan's treasure
173. The scapegoat
174. A dime's world of glory
175. Square deal Sam
176. Between heaven and earth
177. Old Sheba
178. A man to admire
179. The underdog
180. A night to remember
181. The saga of squaw Charlie
182. The Flapjack contest
183. The far, gar, better thing
184. Woman on fire
185. The ballerina
186. The flannel-mouth gun
187. Ponderosa birdman
188. The search
189. The deadliest game
190. Once a doctor
191. Right is the fourth R
192. Hound dog
193. The trap
194. Dead and gone
195. A good night's rest
196. To own the world
197. Lothario Larkin
198. The return
199. The jonah
200. The spotlight
201. Patchwork man

7° Saison (1965-1966)

202. The debt
203. The dilemma
204. The brass box
205. The other son
206. The lonely runner
207. Devil on her shoulder
208. Found child
209. The Meredith Smith
210. Mighty is the word
211. The strange one
212. The reluctant rebel
213. Five sundowns to sun-up
214. A natural wizard
215. All ye his saints
216. A Dublin lady
217. To kill a Buffalo
218. Ride the wind
219. Ride the wind (2)
220. Destiny child
221. Peace officer
222. The code
223. Three brides for Hoss
224. The emperor Norton
225. Her brother's keeper
226. The trouble with Jaimie
227. Shinning in Spain
228. The genius
229. The unwritten commandment
230. Big shadows on the land
231. The fighters
232. Home from the sea
233. The last mission
234. A dollar's worth of trouble

8° Saison (1966-1967)

235. Something hurt, something wild
236. Horse of a different hue
237. A time to step down
238. The pursued
239. The pursued (2)
240. To bloom for thee
241. Credit for a killer
242. Four sisters from Boston
243. Old Charlie
244. Ballad of the ponderosa
245. The oath
246. A real nice, friendly town
247. The bridgeroom
248. Tommy
249. A christmas story
250. Ponderosa explosion
251. Justice
252. A bride for Buford
253. Black Friday
254. The unseen wound
255. Journey to terror
256. Amigo
257. A woman in the house...
258. Judgment at Red Creek
259. Joe Cartwright, detective
260. Dark enough to see the stars
261. The deed and the dilemma
262. The prince
263. A man without land
264. Napoleon's children
265. The wormwood cup
266. Clarissa
267. Maestro Hoss
268. The greedy ones

9° Saison (1967-1968)

269. Second chance
270. Sense of duty
271. The conquistadors
272. Judgment at Olympus
273. Noght of Reckoning
274. False Witness
275. The gentle ones
276. Desperate passage
277. The sure thing
278. Showdown at Tahoe
279. Six black horses
280. Check rein
281. Justice deferred
282. The gold detector
283. The trackers
284. A girl named George
285. The thirteenth man
286. The burning sky
287. The price of salt
288. Blood tie
289. The crime of Johnny Mule
290. The late Ben Cartwright
291. Star crossed
292. Trouble town
293. Commitment at angelus
294. A dream to dream
295. In defense of honor
296. To die in darkness
297. The bottle fighter
298. The arrival of Eddie
299. The stronghold
300. Pride of a man
301. A severe case of matrimony
302. Stage door Johnnies

10° Saison (1968-1969)

303. Differents pines, same wind
304. Child
305. Salute to yesterday
306. The real people of Muddy Creek
308. The last vote
309. Catch as catch can
310. Little girl lost
311. The survivors
312. The sound of drums
313. Queen high
314. Yonder man
315. Mark of guilty
316. A world full of cannibals
317. Sweet Annie Laurie
318. My friend, my ennemy
319. Mrs Wharton and the lesser breed
320. Erin
321. Compagny of forgotten men
322. The clarion
323. The lady and the mountain lion
324. Five candles
325. The wish
326. The deserter
327. Emily
328. The running man
329. The unwanted
330. Speak no evil
331. The fence
332. A ride in the sun

11° Saison (1969-1970)

333. Another windmill to go
334. The witness
335. Silence at stillwater
336. A lawman's lot is not a happy one
337. Anatomy of a lynching
338. To stop a war
339. The medal
340. The stalker
341. Meena
342. A darker shadow
343. Dead wrong
344. Old friends
345. Abner Willoughby's return
346. The fence
347. It's a small world
348. Danger road
349. The big Jackpot
350. The trouble with Amy
351. The lady and the mark
352. Is there any man there ?
353. The law and Billy Burgess
354. Long way to Odgen
355. Return engagement
356. The gold mine
357. Decision at Los Robles
358. Caution, easter bunny crossing
359. The horse traders
360. What are partners for ?
361. A matter of circumstance

12° Saison (1970-1971)

362. The night Virginia City died
363. A matter of faith
364. The weary Willies
365. The wagon
366. The power of life and death
367. Gideon, the good
368. The trouble with trouble
369. Thorton's account
370. The love child
371. El Jefe
372. The luck of Pepper Shannon
373. The imposter
374. Honest John
375. For a young lady
376. A single pilgrim
377. The gold-plated rifle
378. Top hand
379. A deck of aces
380. The desperado
381. The reluctant american
382. Shadow of a hero
383. The silent killers
384. Terror at 2 : 00
385. The stilness within
386. A time to die
387. Winter kill
388. Kingdom of fear
389. A earthquake called Callahan

13° Saison (1971-1972)

390. The grand swing
391. Fallen woman
392. Bushwacked
393. Rock-a-bye Hoss
394. The prisoners
395. Cassie
396. Don't cry, my son
397. Face of fear
398. Blind hunch
399. The iron butterfly
400. The rattlesnake brigade
401. Easy come, easy go
402. A home for Jaimie
403. Warbonnet
404. A lonely man
405. Second sight
406. Saddle Stiff
407. Frenzy
408. Customs of the country
409. Shanklin
410. Search in Limbo
411. He was only seven
412. The younger brothers
413. A place to hide
414. A visit to upright
415. One ace too many

14° Saison (1972-1973)

416. Forever
417. Heritage of anger
418. The initiation
419. Riot
420. New man
421. Ambush at Rio Lobo
422. The 26th Grave
423. Stallion
424. The hidden enemy
425. The sound of loneliness
426. The bucket dog
427. First love
428. The witness
429. The marriage of Theodora Duffy
430. The Hunter


Bonanza: The Next Generation (1988)
Bonanza: The Return (1993)
Back to Bonanza (1993)
Bonanza: The Next Generation (1995)
Bonanza: Under Attack (1995)

Série dérivée

Ponderosa (2001)

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Messagepar nathan » 12 mars 2006 11:15

Les 2 épisodes diffusés ce week end sont :

Terre promise ( The Hopefuls ) avec en guest star : Larry Gates et Patricia Donahue

les orgueilleux (Badge Without Honor) avec Dan Dureya

Bizarrement, le studio de production redevient la Republic comme pour la saison 1 alors que tous les épisodes de la saison 2 diffusés jusqu'à maintenant sont estampillés NBC

@ Personne : les 2 épisodes de la saison 1 qu'il te manque ( et à moi aussi du coup , saleté de DVD : énervé ) sont : Histoire de Julia et Mark Twain

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Messagepar Personne » 12 mars 2006 11:21

Ok merci nathan! :wink:

Qui peut me dire le titre original de l'épisode l'or et l'amour?(saison 1)

Merci :D

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Messagepar Stumpy » 12 mars 2006 11:52

belle initiative que voilà

quelqu'un a la liste des épisodes diffusés par Equidia jusqu'à maintenant ?

@ nathan et personne : pas tout compris, mais ce sont des épisodes que j'ai, donc, donc si vous voulez de nouvelles copies, n'hésitez pas

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bonanza saison 1 (pour s'y retrouver besoin d'aide)

Messagepar Tim » 12 mars 2006 11:55

c'est quel N° d'épisode "l'or et l'amour" personne??

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Messagepar Personne » 12 mars 2006 12:10

Justement tim, je n'ai pas le numéro et je le cherche. :D

Pour Stumpy, visiblement nathan à eu un souci avec son dvd-r des 2 épisodes cité plus haut! :wink:

Les premiers épisodes n'ont jamais été diffusé alors? :(

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Messagepar nathan » 12 mars 2006 12:58

Qui peut me dire le titre original de l'épisode l'or et l'amour?(saison 1)

Je n'en sais rien mais je pense qu'on peut facilement trouver la correspondance avec la liste originale sur le site de la série et les guest stars annoncés au générique des épisodes français.

Je regarderais ce soir .

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Messagepar nathan » 12 mars 2006 19:41

Le titre original de l'épisode l'or et l'amour est The Newcomers
Il correspond au 3ème épisode , la guest star est Inger Stevens ( connais pas) et le réalisateur est l'ex-assistant d'Howard Hawks, Christian Nyby avec qui il co-réalisa le fameux la chose d'un autre monde( the thing).

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Messagepar Personne » 12 mars 2006 20:32

Ok, merci nathan! :D

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